Spotify Premium (FREE) IOS- Download Spotify Plus For IOS – Updated October 2021

Spotify++ for IOS Devices – A Complete Installation Guide

Hey there! Today I am going to show you how to install Spotify++; It’s a Free Version of Premium Spotify and made only for IOS Devices.

Yes! It is possible.

So, let’s get started!

First of all, I want to inform you that using Spotify++ or Tweaked Spotify (Another name of the premium version for free) on your iPhone/iPad is a little bit tricky. I researched for two days to figure out the best method to use Spotify’s premium version for free on IOS devices.

So to do our dirty work we are going to need the help of this little app store called “AppCake,” there are other stores too trying to help us, but I found this better than others.


Step 1: 

Open Safari,  then open make sure you open this link only from safari, not from any other browser, why? Don’t know, just use Safari.


installing methods



spotify premium free for ios


It should install within seconds, After installation click on the app icon and you will see this error;


appcake method


Now, we have to trust this developer before using his apps; to add trust, you need to open Settings ⚙️ > Open General >  Scroll down, and you will see an option named as “Device Management” Click on this and then you will see something like this;


appcake trusted



Click on: Trust “Qingjian Group Co., Ltd”  and click Trust Button. Now we have trusted this Enterprise Developer to install his application on our iPhone. The app is entirely safe, so you do not need to worry about anything and also no jailbreak is required to install Spotify++, and it also works perfectly on jailbroken phones.


Now Step 2: Download AppCake Profile

After trusting the developer, open AppCake, and it would ask for verification before using it.

Click on Verify, and it will take you to the Profile Downloading Page >

add appcake profile


Click on Allow. Profile Downloaded:

profile downloaded


Step 3: Installing AppCake Profile

To install Appcake Profile, you need to open Settings ⚙️ > Open Profiles & Device Management Option > Click on AppCake Verification  > Click on Install > Enter your password > Click Install > Click on Open > DONE, it will automatically take you to AppCake.


verify appcake profile


Step 4: Spotify++ / Spotify Tweaked, Installation

in AppCake, you will see an Option named Tweaked; click on that option.

Spotify++ for ios


You can choose any from the list; I chose “Spotify w.Spos + Spotilite” Click on GET > Install > 3 options of installation >  Click on Install > Now installation is started > Wait for the installation to be completed > then click on Install. Done


Spotify++ install from appcake

Spotify Premium Version has been installed on your device, Now Open Spotify and Navigate to Account and you will see your subscription is Premium.



Spotify++ premium version installed


You can see it is the Premium Version. Enjoy 😎…

Here is the Video Guide!

Spotify++ Drawbacks:

There are few things that can be frustrating in this premium version.

  • You cannot download songs from Spotify++, BUT you can download podcasts.
  • AppCake may not install due to their revoking certificate problem.
  • Sometimes the app you are downloading from AppCake can be stopped downloading halfway.
  • Downloading AppCake and Spotify is a bit frustrating.
  • To Download AppCake, you need to make sure their Certificate is working ( AppCake Twitter: ).


Spotify++ Features:

Since Spotify++ is a tweaked version of Spotify Premium, so features of both apps are the same except the download feature. The download feature in spotify++ is not working for songs, but it is still downloading podcasts. There are more features to discuss. So, let’s dive in.


Unlimited Skips

unlimited skips

In Spotify free, you can’t skip songs more than 6 times in 1 hour period, and that is annoying, But, With Spotify++ / Tweaked Spotify Version, you can do unlimited skips. That’s right, you can get rid of shuffle only mode and can do unlimited skips as you using the original premium version.


No Ads


In Spotify freemium version, users have to face 15-30 seconds ad breaks while listening to songs. If you want to get rid of those ads, you have to buy the Premium version of Spotify. OR, You can use Spotify++, where you can also skip ads without purchasing a subscription.


High-Quality Audio


You can double your bit-rate pleasure with Spotify++. For Cellphones, low quality is 24kbps, normal quality is 96kbps, high quality is 160kbps, and extreme quality is 320 kbps. In Free Version, you can only select Normal or High, but in Spotify++, you can also choose extreme quality. You can also set your default sound quality, or Spotify will auto-detect sound quality according to your internet connection speed.


Download Music


The Premium version of Spotify allows you to download songs, podcasts, or entire playlists for offline listening. An impressive feature, and it will enable you to download 3,333 tracks on one device and a total of 9999 tracks on three different devices. But in Spotify++ / Tweaked Spotify, you can download podcasts, but you cannot download songs. Yes, this is sad, but that is the best developer can do.


Spotify Your Uber


Spotify partnered with uber, and now you do not have to listen to FM all the way, you can control Spotify within your uber app and can play any song you want. This feature is only for Spotify Premium users, But you can still have that feature for free in the Spotify++ version.


More Features of Spotify++ :

  • Recover deleted playlists.
  • Listen to music while playing games.
  • Download podcasts.
  • Spotify Radio
  • View Lyrics
  • Extreme Sound Quality
  • Discover Concerts near your area.
  • Discover the World’s listening trends.
  • Share on social media (Instagram, and Facebook, etc).
  • You can embed tracks to your own site.
  • Create fading transitions.
  • Connect with your car.
  • The Car View feature is also amazing.
  • Listen to songs while using google maps.
  • Connect with Amazon Echo / Google Home.
  • Stream on Speakers /  Other devices.
  • Create your private playlist.
  • Create a Collaborative playlist.
  • Listen to non-censored music.
  • You can also stream on the browser.
  • Add music from your Pc/Mac.

So, that’s it, if you face any problem while downloading/installing spotify++, please let me know in the comments box below, I will assist you with all your problem. Thank you!


Note: If you want to download the Spotify Premium Apk for Android Devices, please check our post below.

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Where can I get Spotify ++?

Here is the complete guide on how to download and install spotify++ on ios devices. Click Here

Does Spotify++ still work?

Yes!, Spotify tweaked works perfectly.

How do I get Spotify++?

First, of all, you need to install Appcake, and then install the Spotify tweaked version.

Does Spotify++ work on IOS 13?

Of course, the tweaked version of Spotify / spotify++ works perfectly on IOS 13.

How do I get unlimited skips on Spotify for free?

You have 2 options to select from:

How can I get Spotify on my iPhone for free?

If you want to use the premium version of Spotify on your iPhone or iPad for free then you have to download Spotify++ or tweaked Spotify version.