Download Spotify Premium APK – Latest Version v8.6.70.929 – Updated 10/10/2021 (October 10th)

Download Spotify Premium Apk – Step By Step Guide (Updated October 2021)

Hey There! Welcome aboard, since you are here to download Spotify Premium APK. So, without any further delay, I want you to go ahead and download it from the link given below.


If you want to know more about Spotify apk, features, and how to use and install the premium apk version of Spotify, then scroll a little down, and you will see I have covered everything for you.


Respected Visitor, I tried to provide the best info related to “How to Use Spotify Premium for Free?” on both android and IOS devices. There are chances that I maybe missed writing something important, All I want to say, please lemme know (in comments) if you are having a problem finding answers.


App Info

Publisher:Spotify LTD
Size44.0 MB
UpdatedOctober 10th, 2021
Requires Android
4.1 and up
Age Rating12+
Versionv8.6.70.929 (Latest-M0D)

I have added all the necessary information needed to install the apk, one more important thing; there is NO VIRUS in the APK file, no bugs, it’s pure with no bugs and issues. I also added older versions of Spotify APK in case your phone does not support the latest you can download an older version.

Previous Versions of Spotify Premium APK.

NOTE: Android Requirements for all versions is Android 4.1 or higher.









Spotify Premium Apk! An intro:

With Spotify apk, you can listen to any track, album, artist, or podcast for free. Spotify apk has more than 50 Million Songs. You can search playlists or make your owns, and if your friend has a playlist, you can search and follow them too, and also, you can share your playlist on Instagram or Facebook. There are many features in this app, like Offline Music, Free Podcasts, HQ Sound Quality, Spotify Connect, Car View, Sleep Timer, and a lot more.


Spotify Premium APK Features.

There are many extraordinary features, which is the reason for its popularity around the world. I have broken down a few of them.

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Listen Offline
spotify offline music

The best feature, in my opinion, as I am also a music lover, and with Spotify, I can listen to music offline, entirely offline, search any artist, song, playlist, podcast, or radio, and download them right away in HQ quality. And whenever you are out of the internet, You can listen to all of them without an internet connection. And Yet no other app has ever offered that feature. Spotify nailed it 😎.


Enjoy Ad-Free Music
Spotify premium apk

YES! No ads and I know how frustrated it can be; no one wants an ad to pop up while listening to music, as I told you before, Spotify Premium is the best app you are going to use ever, there are no ads at all.  But, if you download Spotify free version, there are a bunch of ads you have to go through, and also, they pop up while you are listening to music.🥂TO SPOTIFY PREMIUM APK…


HQ Sound
spotify-premium apk

Everybody wants to listen to music in better sound quality, In Spotify Free Version, you can get a maximum of 128 kbps sound quality, BUT with Spotify Premium Apk, you can get 320 kbps sound quality for free. The app can automatically choose sound quality according to the speed of your internet connection, and you can also select your default sound quality.


Navigate With Musicspotify-with-google-maps

Very interesting; now you can hear music while using google maps. Follow these steps to add Spotify in your google maps.

First, Open Google Maps > Open Settings Tab > Scroll Down and Click on Navigation Settings > Then Turn on Show Media Playback Controls > Right below, you will see an option named: “Default Media App” Click on this and Choose Spotify as your default Media App. Enjoy…


There are lot more features in Spotify Premium Apk, check out this video below to learn some new tricks and hacks of Spotify :

How to Download & Install Spotify Premium Apk?


First of All, you need to turn on Switch on “Unknown Resources / Enable Installation for Unknown Resources” from your Mobile Settings⚙️.

If you do not enable this option before installing the Apk, your phone will give you an error look like this:
spotify apk
If you are having trouble finding this option, Check out this 15 seconds video tutorial to learn how to enable this option:

Now, Download Spotify Premium Apk, if you already downloaded the apk that’s great if not you can download it from here:


Now go to the folder 📁 where you downloaded the APK File.

Click on Install APK, and it should look like this:
This picture shows the same thing but from two different mobiles.


That’s it, after installation you can use the premium version of Spotify.

One more important thing, in some countries Spotify services/app is not available yet, so if you fall in the list of those countries, then you have to follow these steps:

First of all, Download VPN, if you have one then connect the VPN, make sure the country you select in VPN has allowed to Spotify services, like the USA, CA, or the UK.

After Connected: Click on this link: Create New Spotify  Account.


Search directly in your browser “Spotify Account /  Sign up for Spotify.”

After making an account in another country, Now you can use Spotify even where it is unavailable.

SO, That’s it guys, enjoy Spotify, enjoy the music.

If you have any questions or having trouble installing or any other problem related to the app, please ask in the comments below, I will be happy to oblige, Thanks.


Note: If you want Spotify for your IOS device, Please check our post below.

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What is Spotify?

Spotify is a digital music, podcast, and video streaming service/app that gives access to over 50 million songs and other content of artists as well. Streaming music is free in Spotify, or you can upgrade to Spotify’s premium version to enjoy its impressive features.


How much is Spotify premium?

Application costs $9.99 per month and if you are a student you can buy at $4.99 per month. But if you want to use it for free, you can install the Spotify Premium APK version.


How do you get Spotify Premium for free?

To get the Spotify Premium version for free, you have to install the Spotify Premium APK version, to install Spotify Premium APK check our blog post.


What happens if your country of residence is not Spotify Enabled?

If Spotify services are not available for your country, then you simply have to install VPN and make an account for another country, I have also explained about this issue in my post, you can check that too, Thanks


Can one be able to download for offline streaming?

Yes, you can download more than 10,000 songs in the Spotify Premium version and can listen to them while you have no internet connection. This option is not available in the Free version of Spotify.