Best Daily Motivational Quotes Apps for Android – 4 Best Picks

Quotations are part of the best in anyone’s life. It will help you to be enthusiastic and enjoy your work and the tasks at hand. If you don’t have a bunch of new and unique quotes for your day, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will list the best quotes apps that help you easily get featured and motivated quotes on a daily basis on your smartphone. These are very useful apps that provide you with quotes from the best famous poets, philosophers, scientists, and writers. Some of these apps contain some quotes according to different categories such as motivational, funny, and others. You can easily choose them according to their categories as well.

Every one of us has read some quotes at some point in his life. Whether it is “Stay hungry! … stay idiot! To Apple Co-Author, Late Steve Jobs. Not only do quotes motivate individuals, but they can elevate an entire generation of thinkers. So, if you feel inactive, or want some inspiration, here are the best quotes apps for Android phone.

    1. Best Quotes and Status

      This app is for anyone looking for a large collection of quotes and yes it works offline. The app comes with a minimal home screen and the quotes are broken down into categories like anger, birthday, love, and even severing a relationship (yes, there’s a whole category for that). Clicking on the categories gives you a list of quotes that you can save, copy, or share directly either as text or image for your next WhatsApp status.

      By default, citations are displayed in plain text. However, clicking to quote gives you a lot of background options ranging from gradient to image and solid colors. You can also bookmark your favorite quotes by liking them, which will appear in the “Favorite Quotes” section. There is also a pro version without ads and without watermark on photos that costs $ 1. This app is great for basic use, however, I would love that there was a widget appearing on the home screen that shows new quotes every day.

    2. Brilliant Quotes: Best photo quotes & top sayings

      brilliant quotes app
      Like the previous app, Brilliant Quotes not only has a wide range of hand-picked compositions, but it also supports the widget (widget). For those who don’t know, the tool lets you see quotes right on the home screen. So you don’t have to open the app every time to view or edit it. In addition to that, you can also modify the layout, appearance, and content of the widget within the app itself. If you want more than one widget, you can easily save more than one profile.

      The application is divided into several sections. Most important of all is the morning quote section which also comes with random, popular quotes. In the second section, you can see similar quotes or you can simply click and view related content as it is based on hashtags, unlike the previous section that was based on category. The third section is for quotes images, and it is not as well formatted as the other sections and you do not have an option to edit the quotes on images.

      You can choose which type of quotes to display in the tool. But if you want specific quotes for each day of the week, there is no choice but to get the premium version which costs $ 1.7. Plus, you get daily notification of quotes and ads removed.

    3. Motivation – Daily Quotes

      Unlike most of you, I don’t want to get excited just in the morning and go through the rest of the day without any stimulation and this app is the perfect solution for that. Where Motivation allows you to choose a time frame where a quote notification will be displayed. The app is simple and doesn’t have many options. You can choose the start and end time and also the number of times the Quote Notice will be shown with a maximum of 30.

      Besides, it has a very simple user interface. You see a quote with black font and white background on the home screen. There is a theme section as well as the ability to change the app’s home screen wallpaper. I like the app overall, although most of the categories like positive thinking, goal focus, and dealing with grief are locked out for premium users.

      The app includes a 7-day trial period, but it only activates after paying for the plan you choose, which is not logical. It costs $ 3.15 which gives you all categories, full reminder feature, and also removes all ads. Oh, if you use your own quotes you can add them to the list, but this is only limited to plain text.

    4. Quote Creator

      We often share written quotes made by others. But with Quote Creator, you can not only create your own quotes but proudly share them with others. The user interface is not the most attractive I have seen, and with an ad on the home screen, it only gets worse. It is not just a creation app where you will find quotes separated by category and authors.

      To create your own citations, you can either choose a template from an online design section and modify it as you like. You can also simply start from scratch with a blank canvas, and there you get the option to customize the font, change the background, add borders, etc.

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